Start The Process:

  1. Filling out the ‘Intake Form’ which can be found on our ‘Contact’ page
  2. Preliminary Meeting in person or on the phone. This is where we discuss in more detail what you want out of the film(s) discussing the scope of the content and your rough budget.
  3. We prepare a quote for you, which you either approve or request some modifications.
  4. Final quote agreed on.
  5. Date, location and other logistics of the shoot are confirmed via phone calls or emails.
  6. The shoot takes place.
  7. First draft edit delivered to you electronically within two weeks of the shoot.
  8. You provide detailed feedback via phone or email and we make changes to the edit. We only allow this one round of edit changes at no cost. If you request further changes after this, we would charge extra post-production fees accordingly.
  9. Final delivery of the film(s) electronically.
  10. If you want to archive all the raw footage for your own records, we would provide all of it on a portable hard drive which you’d need to reimburse us for. Usually a 1TB drive will do.
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These are base rates which means they refer to the most basic set up in terms of the gear used, and a crew of 1. The costs exponentially rise with any shift in the main variables such as the number of crew members, the type of gear needed, any specialized crew such as an aerial drone team & the amount of days shooting…

Visual History Films

These films are priced differently to our other film types due to the nature of these visual histories which are predominantly made up of one or more key interviews and the inclusion of archival material such as photos and film footage. So these films are more post production than shooting.

As a rough guide, a visual history that is 30 minutes long would cost somewhere between $6,000 and $9,000. One that is closer to 60 minutes long would be between $12,000 and $15,000.

This pricing is for Social Media Films / Visual History Films