Start The Process:

  1. Preliminary Meeting in person or on the phone. Essentially a conversation about the purpose and location of the visual installation.
  2. A decision about the aesthetics. The imagery used will either be original footage shot by us that has a specific look and feel OR provided footage by you which might be old archival or home movie footage (a medium we have much experience with).
  3. The duration of what will eventually played as a video loop is decided.
  4. We prepare a quote for you, which you either approve or request some modifications.
  5. Final quote agreed on.
  6. Shooting the footage (if necessary)
  7. First draft edit delivered to you electronically
  8. You provide detailed feedback via phone or email and we make changes to the edit. We only allow this one round of edit changes at no cost. If you request further changes after this, we would charge extra post-production fees accordingly.
  9. Final delivery of the footage electronically.
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These projects are too customised to be able to have set pricing. Costs can be discussed after the scope has been discussed in detail.