For all the film types mentioned below, the consistent approach from us is a creative expression of our mantra: People, Story, Connection. Everyone prefers a story to an advert and we’ve done so since childhood when hearing and creating stories was everything.

Stories inspire and alter the way we see the world. We create short documentary style films that are compelling. Films that will not only hold the watcher but inspire them to share it and expand the audience. Sharing is caring! So here they are…

Profile Films:

Essentially films that enhance or replace an ABOUT US page on your website. Films that explore the essence of who you are and what you do whether an individual, a small business, a large corporation, a community organisation etc.

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Product Films:

Where the focus is on a single product or service, the approach is the same. We tell these stories through an intimate interaction with the person or team behind the product. The passion and genuine message always comes through.

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Architecture Films:

Over the years through our love of design, we’ve ended up specialising in films that profile either architecture firms or specific projects. We also create films that document the actual build of a project over time.

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We have created two major public film installations. One for ACMI and one for the Adelaide Festival (see the films section). We also offer these kinds of visual stimulation for any environment – foyers, lobbies, public and private spaces of all kinds.

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Visual History Films:

For families, businesses, organisations or individuals. These can be privately commissioned – usually a family. Or used for PR and marketing needs – usually a business or organisation with a rich history wanting to tell that story as part of their overall profile.

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Social Media Films:

Very short content to suit the attention span of social media use. 30 to 60 second films – no longer. One-offs or a series of shorts as part of a social media campaign strategy.

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Or if you have a vision that doesn’t fit any of the above, let’s talk. We’d love to create a new genre with you!