For all the film types mentioned below, the consistent approach from us is a creative expression of our mantra: People, Story, Connection. Everyone prefers a story to an advert and we’ve done so since childhood when hearing and creating stories was everything.

Stories inspire and alter the way we see the world. We create short documentary style films that are compelling. Films that will not only hold the watcher but inspire them to share it and expand the audience. Sharing is caring! So here they are…

Customised Short Films

These films will vary in length and subject based on the needs of the business or organisation. Films promoting a product, an event, a person, a milestone etc.              Films that vary in length: 3 or 5 or 10 minutes (and anything in between)

Starting at $3,500AUD upwards.  

Visual Histories

For businesses and organisations with a rich heritage and substantial longevity*, these films utilise history and turn it onto a timeless marketing tool.  Ranging from short 2 minute histories to longer more detailed films up to 30 minutes.

Starting at $5,000AUD upwards.

*We also make these types of films for individuals & families. See our section titled Family Visual Histories.

‘Who We Are’ Films

These are succinct profiles to explain the story behind a business or organisation in 60, 90 or 120 seconds.

Starting at $2,000AUD upwards. 


Observational photography of people and places taken using natural light and very minimal staging if at all.

Starting at $1,500AUD per day. 

Or if you have a vision that doesn’t fit any of the above, let’s talk. We’d love to create a new genre with you!