Family Visual Histories

Traces Films began over twenty years ago formed by VCA Film School graduates Naomi Bishops and Richard Raber. Our first speciality was producing family history films for private clients. Over the years we expanded and have made films on architecture, art, design, nature and much more. The old saying you always go back to your roots couldn’t be more true for us. The truth is the family stories were always the most compelling and stuck in our minds never fading away.

As experienced professional documentary filmmakers we will produce a broadcast quality film for individuals, families or family businesses. The result is a timeless gift for future generations or a wider audience if you so desire. Using your archival material – photos, home movies, documents etc – and filming intimate interviews with all the key people, we will produce a personal documentary, the duration of which will depend on how deeply and detailed you want to go to tell your story.

Packages & Rates

Package A
Duration 15 minutes $5,550

Package B
Duration 30 minutes $10,950

Package C
Duration 45 minutes $15,550

Package D
Duration 60 minutes $20,250

The Process

The process starts with a detailed 2 hour meeting where we sit with you to discuss what story you want to tell, who will tell it and what visual archival material you have for us to work with. The budget will be decided in relation to the above packages whichever suits you best.

The next step is booking a day to film the interview(s) and to collect all visual material which we take away to be scanned and digitised. Then we get to work  editing the film. Within a few weeks we present the first draft edit for your feedback. One round of final changes is allowed for within the package costs. Any further rounds of changes would incur extra costs.

Final delivery of the completed film comes in the following formats:

As a digital file uploaded to a video platform(s) of your choice – YouTube, Vimeo etc. As a digital file saved to a high quality USB thumb drive. As a DVD, Blu-Ray  disc or both. Multiple discs would incur extra costs.

Please get in touch with Richard on: 0414338585